These Incredible 3D Drawings Are About To Blow Your Mind… Trust Me!

Ramon Bruin’s talent is a peculiar one. Using just a simple pencil, The artist is capable of creating impressive 3d drawings that really pop-out. Thanks to a careful management of the light and darkness and a great handle of perspective, these works of art, if seen from a precise point of view, give an incredible three-dimensional illusion. The illustrator combines the technique of anamorphism with his natural imagination and humor, making his creations not only beautiful and surprising but also entertaining.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Ramon Bruin graduated at the Airbrush Academy in Lelystad, but above all he is a self-taught artist. He practices with different mediums and has developed a great deal of experience with acrylic and oil paint, water-based varnish, charcoal, and the pencils he uses for his unique works. His art makes you doubt the certainty of what you are looking at, while also surprising you with creativity. Animals, people and even objects appear in it that seem to interact with the artist.

If you’re an inspiring artist then his original art style is bound to be a great source of inspiration. And for everyone else his work is simply a feast to stare at.

See for yourself!

3d drawing 4
Ramon’s 5 year old nephew drew him a very cool monster! He made him 3d and alive. Still, he obviously can’t compete with the boy’s talent.
3d drawing 6-15
This one is drawn on several sheets of paper with pencil and a bit of acrylics.
This is a tattoo drawing I'm working on
This is a tattoo drawing Ramon is working on
3d drawings 1-15
‘Skull & Butterflies’ – colourpencil on paper
3d drawings 2-15
‘The Book of Sharks’. Pencil on paper.
3d drawings 3-15
‘Modern Dogfight’

3d drawings 4-15

3d drawings 5-15
My grief on the sea,
How the waves of it roll!
For they heave between me
And the love of my soul!
-Excerpt Douglas Hyde 1861
3d painting
‘Keep Fishin’

3d pencil art

3d sketch art 2
Kraken Storey! A cool multiple layer illusion about a baby kraken.
This is a black and white photograph of a drawing of Neo from The Matrix.
3D Drawing of Neo from The Matrix.

3d sketch art 3

3d sketch art 4
Somewhere there is a woman in this artwork dying to get out…
3d sketch art 5
A 3d rising skull…creepy!

3d sketchart

3d pencil art 8
‘Taped Clouds Castle’
3d sketchart 2
‘3d Street Art’ ‘
3k sketch art
‘Frog Grenade’
3d drawings 5-10
“I hate it when a submarine emerges in my drawing. Another one ruined.”
ramon bruin
Sometimes a drawing doesn’t turn out the way you want it. It has it’s own will. This piece is about the conflict between artists and art, called The Argument

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